How to set web page as your home page in Internet Explorer?

you can set up home page of your browser in four different ways.

  1. Open browser and click on Tools located on the menu bar on top left corner.
  2. Select Internet Options from Tools menu.
  3. Internet Options dialog will open.
  4. Under the Home Page section you will find three buttons Use Current, Use Default, Use Blank.
  5. Use Current button will set current web site, which is open in your browser, as your home page.
  6. Use Default button will set default page as your home page.
  7. Use Blank button to set blank page as your home page.
  8. you can even specify more than one URL, considering you enter each URL in new line, each URL will open in a new tab.
  9. How to set web page as your home page in Google Chrome?
  10. click on a Customize and Control google chrome button which can be seen on top right hand side of the browser.
  11. from the menu click on Options and it will display options page.
  12. Inside the page click on Basics and you can see Home Page section appears on the right hand side which will allow you set up home page for your browser.